The Source of Personal Power

For many months I have been reading three books written by David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. I have been profoundly impacted by his work, which has to do with an understanding of consciousness and how consciousness creates our physical reality. Wayne Dyer has also been quite affected by Hawkins and he brings copies of Power Vs. Force , Hawkins' first book, with him on his book tours. Now in his mid-eighties, Hawkins thoroughly enjoys self-publishing. For quite some time, Wayne Dyer encouraged Hawkins to let Hay House publish Power Vs. Force so that Dyer could make the book more accessible to the public. Hawkins resisted until Dyer started placing orders in the thousands on a regular basis. That was finally enough to convince Hawkins to have just one of his books, Power Vs. Force , published by Hay House. Hawkins continues to self-publish his 2nd and 3rd books.

What could be so special about this man's work that has so dramatically impacted Wayne Dyer, a man who impacts millions of people? The same things that inspired Dyer have impacted me and dramatically shifted my thinking and consciousness. A friend of mine told me about Power Vs. Force and said that it had something to do with applied kinesiology (AK). My first reaction was not positive. For decades I have seen AK applied in such a sloppy fashion by so many holistic health care practitioners (HHP) that my opinion of AK has been pretty low. As a doctor I have chosen to order blood, urine, stool, and saliva tests to find out what a person's body requires. I have had two different highly regarded health care practitioners make completely different recommendations for me, based on AK — and I was tested only one or two days apart. I have had one person tell me that Substance X was what my body was calling for, and then a second person using AK told me Substance X would harm me. So, I have taken AK with one or two grains of salt.

For me to be writing a positive article about AK is therefore a rather remarkable turn-of-events. The reasons for my change in thinking are these. 1) Hawkins used an easily repeatable technique and gathered huge amounts of scientific data showing the accuracy of AK when used correctly, 2) Hawkins used AK to develop a system for calibrating consciousness. His scale of consciousness goes from 0 to 1,000, 1,000 being the calibration of Krishna , Buddha, and Christ. 3) After reading his three books, I learned an immense amount and found very few items with which I had any disagreement. For Hawkins, applied kinesiology is not just an interesting, useful tool. It is a way of telling truth from untruth.

Before explaining the details of the method and then showing the relevance of AK and the calibrations of consciousness, a few words about Dr. Hawkins are in order. As a teenager he had a near-death-experience, which freed him from fear of death. His spiritual progression after that was very fast, leading to prolonged and repeated states of samadhi. Hawkins is a medical doctor, specializing in psychiatry, who had the largest and most lucrative practice in New York City . He walked away from all of it for ten years so that he could devote all of his time to meditation and other disciplines that were/are part of his spiritual path. From reading his books, it is clear that this man is operating from an extraordinarily high level of consciousness. I have never read a book by a psychiatrist or psychologist that was anything like Power Vs. Force. To me, it reads as pure truth, not unlike scriptures from all the world's great religions.

After ten years Hawkins felt a pull to return to society and translate his experiences in consciousness into a language that others could understand and gain from. He found applied kinesiology to be the essential tool that allowed him to bridge the linear world of words with the non-linear, formless world of pure consciousness.

Here is the methodology for AK based on the work of Dr. John Diamond. It takes two people, the “tester” and the “subject.”

“1. Have the subject stand erect, right arm relaxed at his side, left arm held out parallel to the floor, elbow straight. (You may use the other arm if you wish).

2. Face your subject and place your left hand on his right shoulder to steady him. Then place your right hand on the subject's extended left arm just above the wrist.

3. Tell the subject to resist when you try to push his arm down.

4. Now push down on his arm fairly quickly, firmly, and evenly. The idea is to push hard enough to test the spring and bounce in the arm, not so hard that the muscle becomes fatigued. It is not a question of who is stronger, but of whether the muscle can ‘lock' the shoulder joint against the push.” — David Hawkins from “Power Vs. Force.”

I have quoted Hawkins word-for-word so as not to introduce the slightest bit of interpretation or bias on my part. In the presence of something that is not good for the body, such as NutraSweet (aspartame), the muscle grows weak. In the presence of something that is good, true, positive, or healing for the body, the muscle will remain strong. The subjects who formed the foundation for Dr. Diamond and Hawkins' research did not require any familiarity with the issue or substance for which they were being tested. AK applies to emotional stimuli as well as physical. For example, a smile will keep the muscles strong (“test strong”), while the words “I hate you” will make the muscles weak (“test weak”).

Hawkins eventually concluded that AK, when done with total precision, was a “truth-detector,” a technique that never failed when done correctly. I have seen many AK practitioners pressing down on the arm of the subject at or above the elbow. However, the technique calls for pressure exerted just above the wrist. Incorrect positioning invalidates AK.

AK can be used to determine the truth of anything. As mentioned earlier, Hawkins used AK to calibrate consciousness from zero to 1000. One can calibrate a person, event, object, or nation by making a declarative statement, such as, “The United States calibrates above 400.” By using a declarative statement, a true weak or strong response will result. If the wording is altered at all, the information will be flawed. If one were to say, “The Unites States calibrates around 400,” you would get inaccurate information. If you say, “The United States will calibrate above 400,” the information will be flawed. The statement must be made with precision, in present time, along with correct technique.

Now let me use an example to make this clearer. A holistic health care practitioner (HHP) might set up the correct posture for testing his client, and then say, “Vitamin B3 is required for you.” Then the HHP immediately says, “Resist.” The subject tries to keep his arm straight and strong. If the subject's arm remains strong, the statement “Vitamin B3 is required for you” is true.

In order for AK to be valid, the tester must have a neutral, impartial attitude, resisting eye contact or other emotional contact. Whatever opinion he has about a question, a medication, or nutritional supplement he is assessing, he must not allow that opinion to be conveyed in any way to the subject.

Calibrating Consciousness

After running hundreds of double blind studies, including testing entire audiences and getting 100 percent “strong” or “weak” responses to a particular item or question, Hawkins set about the task of calibrating consciousness. In some of his experiments, everyone in the audience was handed an envelope containing a substance that was not good for them, such as NutraSweet. Neither the audience, Hawkins nor his staff knew if the audience was receiving NutraSweet or other items to be checked out that night. This is called a “double-blind experiment,” the kind of study that science relies on in announcing any new discovery.

Some of the above information may have been tedious reading. I apologize for that, but without laying the foundation, it is not possible to explain the deeper implications of Hawkins' work. Suffice it to say that, by using AK, he calibrated consciousness. Here is a sketch of some those calibrated levels of consciousness.

100 — Fear of danger.

200 is critical. Consciousness (CS) above 200 is the level of truth and integrity. Below 200 an individual or society are at very high risk. Up until 1986, the world CS calibrated in the low 190's, but there was a sudden shift in 1986, taking the world CS to 207, which is a safe place to be. The reason for this positive shift is unknown.

207 — Current world CS.

300 — Willingness

350 — Acceptance. One realizes that his or her happiness does not rely in any way on the outside world. The outside world does not have the ability to confer or remove happiness.

400 – 499 — Reason. The great intellectual geniuses calibrate at 499.

500 — Unconditional, unchanging love. In the 500's, everything begins to happen by synchronicity. Life flows.

540 — Joy. A person who has remained consistently optimistic in the face of long-term, severe hardship calibrates at 540.

600 — Everything is alive and vibrant. The mind exists in a state of profound silence. At CS 600 most illness disappears.

700 — U.S. Constitution. The consciousness of anything, including a nation, is based on its founding principles. With that in mind, it is dangerous for the Constitution to be played with for political gain. By tampering with the Constitution, the consciousness of America will drop. The Supreme Court is the final protector of The Constitution. A negative shift in the consciousness of the Supreme Court could negatively impact The Constitution, which would then lead to a collapse of overall American consciousness.

700 – 1,000 — Enlightenment.

One fascinating and encouraging aspect of the studies on the calibration of consciousness is the impact each of us has on mass consciousness. Eighty-five percent of the world calibrates below 200, the cut-off point, below which we lose truth and integrity. 4% of us calibrate greater than 500. .4% of us calibrate above 540, and 1 in 10 million calibrate above 600. So how can you improve the world's consciousness? The answer lies in the fact that positive thought is much more powerful than negative thought. Here are the results about how we impact global consciousness:

1 person at 300 counteracts 90,000 people who calibrate below 200.

1 person at 400 counteracts 400,000 people who calibrate below 200.

1 person at 500 counteracts 750,000 people who calibrate below 200.

1 person at 600 calibrates 10 million people who calibrate below 200.

This numerical system is consistent with studies done by the TM (Transcendental Meditation) organization, with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi being the founder. More than 500 scientific studies have been performed regarding the impact of TM on a variety of issues. Some of these studies examined the impact of TM on crime. Results showed that in 24 cities in which 1% of the population had received instruction in TM, there was a statistically significant drop in crime. The study began in 1972, and positive results sustained from 1972 through 1977. These 24 cities were matched with 24 “control” cities that matched the demographics of the “experimental” cities.

I do not practice TM but use two meditation techniques, so I am not “marketing” TM. The point made is that the TM studies are consistent with Hawkins' calibration of consciousness. One can assume that people who are disciplined in meditation have succeeded in raising their own consciousness. Society has a mass consciousness. When large enough groups of people have raised their consciousness, mass consciousness becomes elevated, which directly impacts crime, health, psychological well-being and a host of other factors.

Many people feel impotent to impact the world's major problems, and we assume that the decision-makers, the people in power, are the only ones who really make a difference. This is an opinion that I believe is incorrect. An individual who devotes his life to meditation and other means of rooting out his own negativity and promoting expanded/elevated consciousness is not simply twiddling his thumbs (or keeping his thumbs perfectly still). By raising his consciousness, by re-calibrating to higher levels of consciousness, he is counteracting the negativity of a huge number of people, which directly impacts the health and welfare of society at large.

As a doctor/healer I believe that my own level of consciousness may be the single most important ingredient in helping my patients. So part of my healing work requires me to continue moving to the top of the mountain, seeing the cup as half full, being optimistic about all situations, and remaining hopeful in seemingly hopeless situations. The same principle holds true for great spiritual teachers and realized masters. Because the consciousness of these masters is so elevated, people are automatically attracted to them and many people are uplifted and healed of mental and physical problems simply by being in close proximity to extremely elevated souls.

One way to understand the progression of consciousness has to do with love, peace, and joy. Calibration of consciousness may sound like a dry subject, but it is far from that. Elevated consciousness is synonymous with expanded/deepened love. Spiritual masters are fountains of love and joy. The self-realized or God-realized individual does not “love more.” He “is” love. If you are in the presence of a so-called “realized soul” and are consistently not feeling a shift in your own consciousness for the better, it means one of two things. 1) Either your own ego still needs a lot of work, and is not allowing the love of the master to flow into you, or 2) the “realized soul” is not nearly as elevated in consciousness as he or she would like you to believe.

Power Vs. Force

Soul and consciousness are not different. Power (personal power) is a direct expression of the soul. Power is steady and unchanging and does not diminish over time or distance. Force, on the other hand, is an expression of ego, and will always be the driving principle in people whose consciousness calibrates below 200. All known forces diminish over time and space, including: gravity, electromagnetic, weak nuclear, and strong nuclear forces. All of these forces diminish over time and distance. So too does the force, which is expressed by lower states of consciousness. Force is always met with counterforce. At a global level this is easy to witness. The Israeli-Palestinian crisis is the best illustration in which force results in counter-force, which results in retribution and more counter-force ad infinitum. On an interpersonal level, force will be met with force. When you are trying to harm, control, seduce, or manipulate another person (force), they are most likely going to respond with force. The response might be that they smack you, yell at you, use harsh words, or simply stonewall you.

Bringing this discussion back home, namely to our own inner being, when we use force against a part of our own mind, there is counterforce. We all have qualities about ourselves that we dislike. Most of us dislike or hate that quality and just want to get rid of it. Paradoxically, that approach to our own flaws causes those flaws to harden, to defend themselves . . . from ourselves. Even within our minds, force is met with force. It is the lower mind, the ego, that is the source of force. The best way to transform consciousness, to slowly dissolve ego, is by befriending ego. Whatever rough edges we have, whatever qualities of ego that persist and cause us suffering, came into place for a reason. One reason has to do with evolution. The ego is involved in survival. As children, whenever we faced real or imagined danger, the ego developed strategies for coping. Those strategies worked for a while. People who grew up with severe abuse or neglect developed coping strategies, partly consciousness and partly unconscious, that needed to remain in place until they were able to leave their homes of origin and separate from their family. Unfortunately, those survival patterns don't vanish simply by leaving your family. They usually remain part of us for life unless we make a concerted effort to look at our shadow side, and decide to elevate our consciousness.

Many of us battle our egos. You can instantly shift your consciousness by examining your own ego/shadow side, striving to understand why certain defense mechanisms arose, and then embracing the ego. You can thank your ego for doing such an incredible job at protecting you during difficult times. You can send love toward your ego, or whatever you imagine to be your ego. You can even visualize your ego/shadow side as some form or symbol and express gratitude for the service it has provided you. In this case “You” means your higher self, witness, or soul. As in any negotiation, the ego will “lighten up” but you can't push the river and you can't force the ego to surrender. Force begets force.

The source of power is the soul or consciousness. The more one disidentifies with the body's needs, and the mind's needs and wants, the more one raises consciousness. Many of us believe we “are” our body, mind and personalities. When we understand that we “have” a body and “have” a mind, we begin to identify ourselves with the still soul within. The more one disidentifies with body, mind, and personality the more peace and love come to be who we are and how we experience life. It is not a quick fix, but we all have a limited amount of time on this planet. We have choices to make. We can let the ego and force run our lives or we can Decide to live through power, love, and higher consciousness. By making that decision, your consciousness immediately calibrates to a higher level — simply by deciding in this very moment. Once having decided, you can devote your energy for the rest of your life to restoring the soul's power.

The evolution of consciousness, as expressed in Hawkins' calibration of consciousness, is exponential, not unlike the Richter Scale (for calibrating earthquakes). An earthquake of 6.1 is 10 times more powerful than a 6.0 earthquake. Similarly, an upward shift of just 5 points in consciousness has profound effects on you, your loved ones, and society at large.

Invisible Power

Because the source of power, on an individual basis, is the soul or spirit, and on a cosmic level is God, power is invisible. Consciousness is the foundation out of which power emerges. Power, in turn, is the cause of everything that is visible. Only physical manifestations are visible to human senses and the tools of science. The invisible substrate of this visible universe is consciousness. In all things, the formless precedes form. Before the Big Bang there was nothing of substance. Divine consciousness preceded the form that we call the Universe. At the same time, everything with form is permeated by the consciousness that created it. Form and formless are intertwined with each other.

For the individual, consciousness and power give rise to meaning. Meaning provides the focus, purpose, and motivation in life. If life seems meaningless, the answers are not to be found externally, for the source of power truly lies within. One cannot “force” motivation. Anything done through force, which calibrates below 200, will eventually fail. This is true in things great and small. Hitler had the greatest army on earth, but was motivated entirely by force. Winston Churchill governed a tiny nation, but was motivated by power, not force. With the help of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was also motivated by power, Hitler could not defeat that tiny country — England. Throughout history, all the great empires inspired by force eventually crumbled.

Consciousness expressed through power has its own timetable. Individual, local, or global consciousness may be rising and we may see nothing improving on the material plane. We may think nothing is happening. But something is happening. Consciousness is “pregnant.” When consciousness is ready, changes manifest on the physical plane. To us, it may appear as if things suddenly change. The truth is that the birth process began a long time ago. Consciousness is building and growing, but has not yet hit critical mass, the calibrated level of consciousness in which all of our institutions will be healed. As individuals and as a society it is important to continue our efforts at self-empowerment and elevation in consciousness, even if we see no “results.” Remember that the timetable of the material world does not have much to do with the timetable of the invisible world, a world in which there is no such thing as time. Many people suffering mentally or physically blame themselves, feeling that they have not meditated, visualized, or affirmed well enough. That is not the reason for continued illness. You may have already succeeded in raising your consciousness, but consciousness does not share your timetable for a cure. Consciousness works invisibly, behind the scenes. If you are still sick in spite of doing everything “right,” it simply is not yet your time for healing.

Light Power in San Diego

How does The Light Connection fit into this picture? Bet you folks at TLC didn't think I'd ask this question! The Light Connection essentially serves as a way of delivering information with the clear intention of elevating consciousness. Intention is everything. Clearly, over the years, TLC has helped hundreds of thousands of people or more, to “re-calibrate” their consciousness to a higher level. We can argue about politics, what is wrong with the world, etc, but it is the collective elevation of consciousness that yields true and lasting changes in society. And for that, we can thank The Light Connection, for surely the slow but gradual elevation of those reading TLC has shifted/elevated local, San Diego consciousness (and the 2.6 million people living in this county), as well as those far from the boundaries of the third largest county in the state of California. It is important that each of us does our own part, knowing that what is not yet manifest on the physical plane will, in time, manifest. Decades of conscious efforts to raise consciousness have already manifested in the physical world, but I believe the Big Bang is yet to come. When world consciousness is ready to give birth to visible, three-dimensional reality, it's going to be one beautiful, happy baby.

David Gersten, M.D. practices nutritional medicine and psychiatry out of his Encinitas office and can be reached at 760-633-3063. Please feel free to sign up for Dr. G's Health Digest newsletter at and access 1,000 on-line pages about holistic health, amino acids and nutritional therapy.


Dear Louise

Dear Louise,

Do you have any thoughts about the loss of a pet (and can you recommend any good books on the subject)? My dog recently died, and I want to know if he's still with me in spirit.

M.C., Dallas, Texas

Dear M.C.,

Those little creatures creep into our hearts with their unconditional love, and we sorely miss them when they're gone. Remember: Love is always with us, and those who leave the planet are always with us in spirit even if we're not aware of it.

You can find much comfort on the Internet. There is Pet Loss Grief Support, one of the first places to visit on the Web when a beloved pet passes on: Also, has a good list of books on the loss of a pet. One that I like is Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates, a book to help with the loss, and it also answers questions such as yours. Also, talk to your pet, and know that your dog wants you to be happy. And, of course, always remember your times together with joy. When you adopt a new animal, know that your recently departed dog sent it to you.

Dear Louise,

I truly believe that only thought creates form. However, my body currently has cancer, arthritis, and spinal degeneration. I daily pray for guidance to understand how I'm manifesting this stuff, but I don't seem to be able to get any “help.” I feel stuck . . . very, very stuck.

G.F. , Vancouver, Canada

Dear G.F.,

Your guidance has arrived! There are several things I'd like to tell you, dear one. First of all, you must change the way you eat. Vancouver is full of good health practitioners, so find a nutritionist to help you change your eating habits. Second, you can never be stuck, for each thought is a new beginning. If you're finding yourself in the same spot over and over again, it means that you're thinking the same thoughts over and over again, and re-creating the same patterns.

Third, whom do you desperately need to forgive? So many of the thoughts that contribute to illness come from old resentments that literally eat away at the body. I suggest you reread You Can Heal Your Life and do the exercises. Also, get my audio called Self-Healing. It's one of the best for healing the body. Listen to it two or three times a day for 30 days and you'll feel some positive results.

Dear Louise,

I'm looking for the probable cause and new thought pattern on fibromyalgia. I didn't find it in your book Heal Your Body. Thank you.

G.S., New Hampshire

Dear G.S.,

When a person is under stress, the body reacts and tenses up. Stiffness and pain is felt in the fibrous tissues, usually deep within the muscles, yet there's nothing wrong with the muscles themselves. Stiffness is a result of rigid, stiff thinking. Tension, fear, and holding on result in the body cramping and gripping.

Use the following affirmation: I am relaxed and safe. My mind is flexible and peaceful and so is my body. I am free of pain, and all is well!

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