Dr. Chandel’s Gift of Healing

Being in the presence of the Rev. Dr. BPS Chandel it is clear you are with a kind gentleman and peaceful soul—one with a gift to give that shines in his eyes as he talks about it. His gift is healing, which he claims no credit for, comes to him from God.

At the same time what he does do using this gift earned him India 's equivalent to the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1995 on World Health Day, Dr. Chandel was the recipient of the Shiromani award, which was presented to him by the Holy Mother Theresa.

The award was given for his 19 years of service giving his unique Healing Shakti Power, known as Chandel's Method of Healing, healing millions of people during that time.

Born in India in 1935 he is descended from a Royal family. It wasn't long before people realized he was a gifted child. On the third day of his life, a Tuesday (the strong goddess Hanuman's day for fasting), he refused to eat, and as the months and years passed he continued to fast every Tuesday, not allowing anything to be put in his mouth.

His parents realized and came to peace with the idea that their son was blessed with the God-given power of Shakti. News of this enlightened child spread and people began coming to him with their health problems. They asked what the future held for them, and soon the people gave him the title of “healer.” He answered their health questions and gave them insights into their future. At the time he did not understand the meaning of the words, he only knew that it came from God—that God was speaking through him.

As he matured his understanding of what God was communicating became clearer to him. It was then that he started getting visions from God. Closing his eyes he received visions about what to do, how to do it and where, for all the problems people brought him.

He began to alleviate people's physical and emotional sickness by applying pressure to a combination of healing points on the hands and feet of those who came to him. His method, he says, has never failed to achieve the desired results. For this, the miracle of this, he credits God.

The treatments involve all the endrocrine glands, representing the different organs and parts of the body that have to be treated to eliminate the problems. In other words the root cause is treated, not the symptoms for rapid relief and elimination.

To gain his credentials and be recognized in the medical community he attended Patna University , where he received his masters degree in Yoga, Magnet Therapy and Naripathy. He has his Ph.D., in Naripathy, the science of the nervous system.

After receiving the Shiromani award he was asked to participate in a seminar organized by the International Council of Reflexology, which was held in Canada . It was then that he was called to come to the United States . It was here that he felt God wanted him to be.

Dr. Chandel relocated to San Diego this summer from Washington State , after a stay in Santa Barbara . His desire now is to start a healing center where he can grow the medicinal herbs hard to find in this county, teach others his healing technique and to heal.

He feels that it is imperative that he teach the Chandel Method of Healing because our modern civilization now has so many people suffering physically, mentally and emotionally. It is important to him to give leave his precious gift behind, and teach others to help heal the world.

After relocating in North County , Dr. Kathleen Almgren called to invite me to meet and experience Dr. Chandel. At one time Dr. Almgren had many health challenges of her own. On the recommendation of her mother, she saw Dr. Chandel and experienced his healing methods. She had suffered from several disorders and had tried just about every Eastern and Western treatment she could, but without success. Working with Dr. Chandel she gained lasting relief. She was so moved by his work and her healing that she dedicated herself to studying with him, and went on to receive her doctorate in the healing arts. She now assists Dr. Chandel in his healing practice.

For information call 858/200-5898 or send an email to Dr.Almgren@naturalhealingfoundation.org www.naturalhealingfoundation.org