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Burton GoldbergDr. Burton Goldberg:
The Voice of Alternative Medicine

Publisher Burton Goldberg has spent over 30 years carefully researching every aspect of holistic medicine. His bestselling book Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, with over 750,000 copies in print, is a 1250-page reference work on how to treat 200 health conditions with alternative medicine. The revised edition was published by Ten Speed Press of Berkeley, CA in June 2002.

Burton Goldberg is on a mission to reform American conventional medicine and to help people reclaim their health. He wants people to know that with alternative medicine, every disease is reversible. In trauma and emergency situations, mainstream medicine can work wonders. But in the vast majority of health conditions, alternative medicine has the treatments that can help. These effective alternative treatments are based on clinical studies with verifiable results. People want therapies that work, that give them healing, and that don’t bankrupt them. According to Goldberg, probably the most important factor in disease today is bodily toxicity. Since the 1950s, we have been exposed to thousands of synthetic chemicals in our foods, water, air, and bodies. Most of these are poisons once they enter the body and unless you remove them, they lodge in the tissues, organs and blood, where they poison us from within. This is why there is an epidemic of degenerative illnesses: heart disease, cancer, headaches, diabetes, and the list goes on and on. But alternative medicine has the answers to reverse and prevent chronic illness before it occurs.

His goal is to move our society from a system of sick care to a system of well care and empower people with the information they need to make positive health choices. He has an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities from Capital University of Integrated Medicine: “Because my book saved the life of the Chairman of the Board’s wife, the medical school gave me an Honorary Doctorate.”

Suzanne Somers featured Dr. Goldberg in a chapter in her book, Knockout: Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer and How to Prevent Getting it in the First Place. Dr. Goldberg is one of the featured speakers at the Health Freedom Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center this March 26–28. On March 27, 11–11:45am; his topic is “Catching Medical Conditions Before They Get Out of Hand.”

Steve Hays: Is your primary focus now on cancer and on letting people know about alternative treatments?

Dr. Burton Goldberg: We produced a very important film showing the new science in treating cancer, Cancer Conquest: The Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine. Then I did one called Curing Depression, Anxiety and Panic Disorder, and another on addiction, Addiction: Getting the Monkey Off Your Back, and one on stem cells called Ethical Stem Cells Now. So I guide people—generally they are end stage, but we’d like to get them earlier and we have amazing success using the system known as integrative medicine.

Yes I do remember in the mid-’90s receiving an encyclopedia-like volume of yours in the mail to review called The Guide to Alternative Medicine.

Yes, that’s when it was. And the second edition was 2002. That was a stellar event where we captured the entire school of alternative medicine and put in under one roof. Everything came from physicians. It took me four years and $2 million dollars to do it.

The 2002 edition is up to date and really fantastic. It’s about 1250 pages with about a third more information because we’ve learned so much more since. Everything as I said, comes from physicians, who have successfully worked in these fields. So my role today is guiding people who are ill. I’m 83 and look younger because I take care of myself and do these things.

As I understand it, you consult with people and tell them where resources available to them?

Yes I direct them to a clinic and tell them what they do there and what’s available. I do that for all kinds of health conditions, but it essentially cancer that is most hidden and the one people need help with. We cover diet and nutrition and various aspects of what causes cancer.

We cover everything from A to Zed. In the world today, I spend most of my time speaking to people about cancer because conventional treatment of cancer is truly medieval. The truth of the matter is, politically, they don’t want to cure cancer; and that’s not the doctors, that’s the cabal that runs cancer research. Any time a physician comes up with an unusual treatment that works for cancer, they try to remove their license.

That’s why I have to send some of my patients out of this country although we have doctors in various states where they have the laws to protect them. But the cabal on cancer does not want to cure cancer, and it’s because of greed.

With cancer they are not doing the work they need to do. They do not even know what causes cancer. And we do. We know what’s causing cancer. We’re being poisoned to death, starved to death in the land of plenty.

What do you mean by “starved to death”?

Well, our food supply is genetically grown produce and our meat doesn’t have the nutrition that it needs. They feed the animals corn. They put pesticides and herbicides into the feed of the animal. It all goes into the animal’s fat, and then we consume that. Plus they give the animals hormones and antibiotics to keep them healthy and keep them alive in filthy conditions

So we’re being starved to death because we’re not using organic fruits and vegetables. Our food is denuded. It doesn’t have the nutrition that it had years ago and the Department of Agriculture is so politically governed that they protect the people who produce the chemicals, poisons, toxins and pharmaceuticals—they don’t protect the public. The problem is that the agencies of the US government are in the hands of the corporations.

We need to take it back—and the only way we’re going to take it back is by having campaign reform where politicians can’t take a quarter—they can’t take a coke from lobbyists. When that happens we’ll have honest government. In the meantime we’re being starved to death and poisoned to death.

Why do we have so much cancer? Why do we have so much autism? I mean it’s astounding! And it’s a question of national security. We must be aware that our government is so crooked that they are robbing our health.

I mean just look at everyone in the family. The grandfather has a problem. The grandmother has a problem. The kids have attention deficit. Used to be we never heard of that term. They have autism. Autism today is one in about 150. In 1970 it was one in ten thousand.

That is just one example. Look at cancer: we’re not getting any better with that. Cancer has now superceded heart disease as the number one killer. But the real number one is medicine—I mean doctor-induced, doctor-prescribed legal drugs, that’s the number one killer. Number two is cancer and number three is heart disease.

What are some specific poisons we should know about?

Well, in plastics we have bisphenol-A, which is one of the major causes of breast cancer and prostate cancer. It swells those cells and those cells become aberrant. It’s also in the lining of soda cans. Just Google it and you’ll go crazy. [Google bisphenol-A] It’s in every sheet of plastic—anything plastic. All the sodas and beer cans have it. It’s astounding. So you want to store your produce in glass, rather than plastic.

So even plastic baggies?

Yes, anything plastic. There are some plastics that are better than others, but water bottles are toxic and when they sit in the sun they leach the chemicals in these plastics. And then of course the antibiotics that they use in the animals to keep them alive go into our body and they destroy the flora, so one has to take lacotobacillus acidophilus. These are probiotics that are necessary.

You mentioned the toxins and poisons in food but even being vigilant in that direction, I wonder how healthy we can be without looking at the way we use petroleum fuels for transportation, heating, and manufacturing?

Yes, that’s very true; and a whole other subject. We have to become more aware and we can control the people who take care of our water. Our water has fluoride in it and it’s a deadly poison, a toxic element. It’s a rat poison. Fluoride is a product that creates weaker bones and mottled teeth. It’s one of the causes for the thyroid to malfunction—and it’s in our water supply. Now the dentists say it’s very important, but the truth of the matter is that the fluoride that they use in the water is very detrimental. The truth is there is no savings of children’s cavities in fluoridated areas versus non-fluoridated areas. As matter of fact in Toronto, Canada, they fluoridate and they have higher cavities than they do in Vancouver, where they don’t fluoridate. Kingston New York and Newburgh New York, same thing. One fluoridates and the other doesn’t. It doesn’t do any good. They use aluminum in water and that’s one of the reasons for Alzheimer’s. With beef we feed animals to animals. We have Mad Cow disease in this country. They did autopsies on Alzheimer’s patients at Yale University and the University of Pittsburgh and when you extrapolate the numbers about 10% of all Alzheimer’s cases are Mad Cow, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). Google that—Yale University, Creutzfeldt-Jakob, Mad Cow—and you’ll see it.

This is stuff people don’t know. This is what goes on because our politicians take money. The appointments the President makes, too, like right now the FDA is run by Margaret Hamburg. Before she was chosen she was on the staff of the Schein Company who make silver fillings, amalgams, and she is protecting them. She is supposed to have a study out, released, and she is hiding it. This is what happens in our government because of our political contributions.

You’re speaking on at the Health Freedom Expo on “How to See the Disease Before it Manifests.” Tell us a good starting point.

We have techniques in integrative medicine, both through blood tests and the normal tests people are familiar with, and then we are using quantum physics. Electro-Dermal Screening, for instance. Look in my book under Energy Medicine and you’ll see it. It’s almost like “beam ’em up Scotty” where we use the resonance of a substance—of a person and a substance—and we know in advance whether the substance will work or not work, be effective or tolerated. We can tell what organs and systems malfunction without exploring inside the body. We can do it non-evasively. And I think any doctor who does not use it is guilty of malpractice. It is that important. It’s quantum physics. It’s Einstein’s work and yet the medical profession ignores it. Even in the operating room, it would tell the doctor if an anesthesia medication would be harmful to the patient. It will also tell them what dosage will keep them under without injury. It works on nutritional drugs as well as nutritional supplementation, yet it’s not practiced very often except for a few holistic physicians.

So that’s a good place for people to start.

Absolutely, that’s a very good place to start. And also hair analysis and knowing what kind of heavy metals are in the system, because we are being poisoned to death. There are many, many insults to the immune system and basically, you want to keep the immune system punched up. It’s the immune system that’s going to save you.

These cancers come and go and it’s the immune system that keeps it in check and keeps it in remission. We all have cancer cells coming through the body, but the immune system keeps us in homeostasis, in health. But when we have too many toxins and poisons and our system gets overloaded, it goes into stress. It’s overwhelmed. So the object is to keep the poisons and toxins out, and taking antioxidants and things like that.

You’ve mentioned sugar as being very important.

Conventional medicine doesn’t tell patients not to eat sugar, but sugar has a great influence on health. What turns to sugar is bread, pasta, potatoes—and they’re all sugars and they feed the cancers. They feed illnesses. They fuel fungus and yeast infections. You have to keep sugar comsumption low. If you have cancer, you shouldn’t eat wheat. Conventional medicine doesn’t tell you that. Yet, when they want to get the radiologic material into someone to discover if he has cancer on a cat scan, they give him sugar. And then the sugar carries the molecules into the tumor. So you are feeding the cancer!

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