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The New Earthing Technology:
Re-Connect to the Earth and Heal

In 2005, the American “Tour de France” team took their seventh victory in a row, and Lance Armstrong shattered records by taking his seventh first place finish in as many years. Apart from the extraordinary skill, strength, agility, and determination of Lance Armstrong, his team had a big advantage. From 2003 — 2005, the team was using a new technology called “earthing.” The cyclists were sleeping in earthing bags, and when any injury was sustained, this same technology was applied directly to that injury. Naturally, the speed and intensity of the Tour de France results in serious falls and serious injuries. In 2005, all 15 riders on the team completed the 28-day race, which was unprecedented. Not only did the athletes report excellent sleep, their wounds healed faster than normal.

The success of the American Tour de France team has something in common with long distance barefoot runners from Kenya , who win nearly every marathon. Kenyan men have won 15 out of the last 19 Boston marathons, and women have won 6 out of the last 7 years.

The Inventor of Earthing

Our story takes us to Clint Ober, who was raised on a ranch in Montana , spent 23 years helping to build the cable television industry. In that industry, he worked at and understood virtually every aspect of a cable system. Ober developed a deep working knowledge of all things electrical, and one day his understanding of the need to properly ground cables would lead him to what may turn out to be one of the great discoveries of the last 100 years.

A lifetime of experience led up to an “Aha-moment” that led to the breakthrough. Ober grew up around farm animals, as well as the veterinarians for all those animals. One thing that struck Ober was that— when a cow got injured, it did not develop inflammation at the site of injury. Humans, on the other hand, do develop inflammation when they are cut, scratched, or otherwise injured. This contradiction stuck in his mind permanently.

Clint retired from the cable business, and subsequently the satellite television industry in 1996. For the next four years he traveled the country in an RV, simplifying his life, and pondering his purpose as a human being. While living that simple, reflective life, the inspiration of—“earthing” came to him.

One day, he saw a man walk by and noticed the hard plastic sole of his shoes, and that is when he had his “Aha-moment.” He realized that animals are in constant contact with the Earth and are, hence, grounded. Plastic shoes prevent a person from being grounded. It is not so much a metaphysical issue, as one of pure science.

Between 1957 and 1960 plastics were invented and began to pour into our world, under our shoes, into our carpets, and most everywhere we turned. Ten years later, there was a huge increase in the incidence of inflammatory illnesses, such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and lupus (SLE). Synthetic soles had disconnected us from the Earth.

The Earth's Healing Power

To understand Earthing, we need to understand a bit about the Earth. Recall what it feels like to stand barefoot on grass or sand for 30 minutes or more. We all feel good when we're in barefoot contact with the Earth. Why?

There are 2 main mechanisms by which direct Earth contact helps us. First, when making direct contact with the Earth, we get electrically grounded. What does that mean? The Earth's rhythmic vibration is around 9 Hz per second. Imagine a drum that someone is beating 9 times per second.

When we are not directly connected to the Earth, our predominant environmental body frequency or vibration increases to around 60 Hz, which is dramatically out of synch with the natural rhythm of the Earth. When we make direct contact with the Earth, or via an Earthing pad, our body frequency instantly becomes 9 Hz, and we get in synch with the Earth in a very real, vibrational way.

The second important thing that happens when we make barefoot contact with the Earth has to do with a layer of free electrons that cover the Earth. In electrical terms, this layer of electrons is most commonly referred to as “ground.” When we walk barefoot or lie on the beach, we feel peaceful and grounded. Part of that is due to the negative ions we breathe at the beach. Part is our spiritual connection to nature. A huge part is the fact that our bodies become charged with free electrons when our bodies are in direct contact with the Earth.

The Invention

The new technology that Clint Ober invented is called “earthing.” An “earthed” mattress pad covers about 3 feet at the end of your bed, and has a wire that is used to ground the pad to the Earth. When you sleep, your bare feet are on top of the earthing pad. What happens when you sleep on an earthing pad? The same thing that happens when you lie on the beach, or when Kenyan runners train for years, running barefoot. What happens in all these situations is that the body becomes naturally charged with free electrons.

The significance of experiencing a flood of free electrons in your body is that free electrons, which have a negative charge, neutralize free radicals, which are positively charged. A free radical is a charged molecule that is missing an electron. The flood of free electrons from the earth to your body neutralizes oxidative stress and inflammation. Because we have lost touch with the Earth, free radicals continuously build up in our bodies with no way for them to be neutralized. And supplementation with antioxidants helps, but does not come close to curing inflammation.

Sleeping on an earthing pad has now been proven to:

1. Reduce inflammation

2. Normalize cortisol levels

3. Improve sleep

4. Decrease stress and irritability

5. Decrease pain

6. Improve flexibility

7. Neutralize free radicals

Any problem that is an “itis,” (inflammation), like arthritis, benefits from earthing. If you have pain due to inflammation, chances are very high that earthing will help. If you slept on the ground every night, you would begin to heal. But few of us can do that, which is why the technology of earthing was invented . . . to bring the Earth to you wherever you are, especially when you're asleep.

When we make a barefoot connection with the Earth, something else very important happens. Our body is like a large battery. When we are in contact with the Earth, our bodies, like a capacitor, become naturally charged with free electrons. It takes about 30 minutes of barefoot contact for our bodies to fully equalize with the earth. Thirty minutes is not enough to keep us healthy, because our “battery” runs down quickly. That is why sleeping on an earthing pad for 8 hours is so important. Our body gets charged, and then the regeneration and rejuvenation that our body requires at night can take place with maximum efficiency.

Medical doctors, research scientists and electrical engineers have studied this new technology and confirmed the positive results and there are a host of other clinical studies underway at this time. There are large numbers of personal reports that are impressive: reports of people who had sleep disorders greater than 20 years who were cured after sleeping for one night on an earthing pad; reports of arthritis pain disappearing; diabetes being cured. I have spoken with a number of people who have had phenomenal success. Daily, hundreds of professional athletes are using earthing pads and other earthing products. Athletes are good subjects because of the extreme wear and tear their bodies suffer. More importantly, research is pouring in.

Turning Off Inflammation

To understand earthing's power, we need some understanding of inflammation. Whenever our skin is scratched, cut, or otherwise traumatized, the inflammatory response kicks in. Blood vessels dilate, and a variety of white blood cells pour into that area to kill infections, carry off wound debris, and heal the area. The white blood cells have several functions, but an important function is the explosive release of free radicals, or what are more correctly called “reactive oxygen species” (ROS). It is a shotgun approach. Our immune response pours out large amounts of free radicals to kill infections, but the amount of free radicals is not carefully measured, and large amounts of free radicals enter the blood stream, where they are not needed or wanted.

With every breath, we inhale oxygen (O 2 ). Oxygen breaks apart once inhaled. One oxygen molecule keeps us alive, and the other becomes a charged particle, a free radical. About 1% of the oxygen we breathe turns into free radicals. One percent may seem small, but free radicals build up quickly. This is a major cause of oxidative stress. Of course, because we eat and breathe in a polluted world, we are constantly adding more free radicals to our body, causing more oxidative stress.

Wherever oxidative stress occurs, inflammation will be there at the same time (or a nanosecond later). Wherever inflammation exists, there is an outpouring of free radicals (reactive oxygen species). That is one of the main ways that our immune system neutralizes infections and toxins. Due to a variety of mechanisms, our bodies are loaded with free radicals and inflammation. With chronic inflammation, the immune system turns against us, blasting healthy tissue with free radicals.

In man's “natural state,” we generated huge numbers of free electrons with every breath, and we neutralized them with every step we took, when our feet were in contact with the Earth. However, when our feet lost contact with the Earth and the soles of our shoes became plastic, we completely lost our connection to the free flow of Mother Earth's electrons into our bodies.

Earthing technologies — which include several varieties you can put on your bed, some you can put directly on a wound, others that you put under your feet while you work at your computer — help us re-connect with the Earth, bringing in free electrons, which reduces or eliminates inflammation. A chronic inflammatory condition begins to heal only when the excess of electrically-charged free radicals in the area of inflammation is stabilized. As long as inflammation continues, we slowly burn up and damage various tissues and organs in the body.

Now, if we return to Clint Ober's observation that farm animals don't develop chronic inflammation (swelling, heat, redness) in response to an injury, we can begin to understand why. The animals of the Earth have a constant flow of electrons pouring into them that neutralizes the inflammatory response. The most likely reason that Kenyan long-distance runners have such an incredible success rate is that they run barefoot, which allows for free electrons to continuously pour into their body, thereby neutralizing inflammation and oxidative stress.

To return to the science. Research has shown that, after a person has slept on an earthed mattress pad, their cortisol levels normalize. Cortisol is known to be a strong biomarker for stress and chronic inflammation. What is interesting about cortisol is that our body's circadian rhythm of cortisol corresponds to the Earth's rhythm in the flux of free electrons. The two rhythms are linked together, especially if our bodies have been re-connected to the Earth.

Maurice Ghaly, M.D. began a research study to dismiss earthing. Instead, he published “The Biological Effects of Grounding the Human Body During Sleep” in 2003 in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Ghaly's research showed that, after a person has slept earthed for six weeks, their daily cortisol levels normalized. In addition, research subjects reported better sleep, decreased stress, decreased joint pain, and greater daytime energy.

According to Clint Ober (and remember that his background is partly in the cable industry), “Grounding the human body to the Earth shields it from environmental electric fields and restores the body's natural bioelectrical homeostasis.” The Earth provides a natural, protective bioelectrical shield, which almost all of us have lost. However, through this simple, brilliant technology, we can regain that “shield.”

The implications of earthing products and technologies are quite staggering. The current research studies are going to explode into thousands of studies, and the number of people whose lives will be improved will be in the millions.

Some of you have read the 100+ articles that I've written for The Light Connection. I don't speak or write in grandiose terms. I am truly, first-and-foremost practical. With that said, after carefully studying the science, the research, the results, the patient (and athlete) reports, and the method by which earthing technology works, I will go out on a limb with a prediction. Earthing'— truly re-connecting to the Earth for extended periods — will change the face of health, wellness, and the healthcare industry.

Most of the new earthing systems are still in initial testing and development stages with some products presently available to healthcare professionals and athletes. Even after millions of us are sleeping earthed, it is important for us to spend as much time as we can in barefoot contact with the Earth. The ideal for optimal health and energy would be 24-hour-a-day direct Earth contact — our natural state.

For immediate survival, all beings require oxygen, water, food, and a body temperature within a narrow range. After many more years of research, we may find that, after our basic survival needs are met, the free flow of electrons from the surface of the Earth to our bodies is one of the most important ingredients for long-term health, longevity, energy, and well-being.

You can find more information about earthing at David Gersten, M.D. practices transpersonal psychiatry and nutritional medicine out of his Encinitas office and can be reached at 760-633-3063. Please feel free to access 1,800 on-line pages about amino acids and nutritional therapy at, and 800 pages about mental imagery and mental fitness techniques at


Dear Louise

Dear Louise,

I have a friend who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I believe that if you can heal your mind of resentment, then your body can heal itself, and I just want him to fight this terrible disease. Is there anything you can recommend that can help my friend?

S.M., Mexico City

Dear S.M.,

I don't approach a situation or even a condition in the body as an enemy; therefore, there's nothing to fight. Now, if you would like to dissolve something, having it go back to the nothingness from where it came, then I would approach it as I suggest.

You're right—deeply held long-term resentment is always the mental pattern that accompanies cancer of any sort. The thyroid represents creativity. Parents often want their children to be just like them, so they repress the chid when he wants to express his own inner longings. Your friend needs to forgive his parents for this, if this was his situation. They were doing the best they could with their own understanding and knowledge at the time.

Your friend can take the medical route for his healing, he can take the holistic path, or he could combine the two. That will be his choice to make, not yours.

See this experience as a bump in the road of life, with lessons to be learned for both of you. Love your friend and keep visualizing him being well and happy, with a new approach to his life.


Dear Louise,

I'm currently in a new relationship with a full-time single father who has a nine-year-old daughter. This girl has been suffering from Crohn's disease for over a year. We've tried everything to help her: eliminating wheat, refined sugar, and dairy products from her diet and using alternatives like acupuncture, but her condition is getting worse. I think this might have to do with the fact that about a year ago a very nasty divorce between her father and mother was finalized. Is there anything we can do to help her metaphysically?

G.T. Fresno, CA

Dear G.T.,

Of course, the nasty divorce has everything to do with this child's condition! People with this disease always feel very insecure and unloved. Everything else you've done with her diet is right. Now use lots and lots of love. Think about how you can help this dear child feel secure. What does she need to feel safe? She's a precious little child and needs all the love you can give her. Keep affirming the best for her. Teach her mirror work. That is, have her look in the mirror and say, “I am safe, I am loved, and I am happy.” Have her do this several times a day if you can, and you can even do it with her. It will do you both good. Maybe Daddy could do it, too.


Dear Louise,

I'm curious about what you think of the chiropractic world. Some friends have told me they don't think having one's back adjusted does anything for them, but my mother-in-law says she loves going to her weekly appointment. What are your thoughts?

A.S., New Hampshire

Dear A.S.,

Personally, I think if you want to release stress in your body, the perfect place to go is the chiropractor! But remember, you're the only judge of what's good for your body. So don't listen to other people. Go and experience a session for yourself.

I've been using chiropractors for many years and have received great benefits from them.

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